The Story of Zonesleep

During a severe snow storm in Hertfordshire, Tim Stokes, managing director of textile company ‘1st Webbing’, found himself trapped in the office. With no alternative, Tim improvised a bed from the materials that the company supplied for use in manufacturing plane and luxury car seats, a few layers of ‘Spacer Fabric’ known for its soft cushioning effect. This lightweight 3D fabric is created through two layers of mesh being held apart by vertical yarns, a weave known as “double needle bar warp knitting”. Having suffered many years of back pain, Tim couldn’t believe how comfortably he slept and subsequently had a topper made for his bed. Zonesleep and the Zonesleep Mattress Topper were born from that experience of Tim finding ‘A new way to sleep’, and since then many others have discovered the many benefits of this revolutionary new product.

Meet the team

TimSales & Customer Service
Expert Dog Handler & Fair Weather only Sailor
SimonAdvertising & Special Projects
Gym Fanatic & Roman Historian
DIY Expert and stand-up comedian
Athlete & Charity Champion
MonicaSourcing Manufacture
Travel Junkie & Festival Goer
Sally & Teresa
Sally & TeresaSewing & Prototyping
Pop Concerts & Parties