Zonesleep mattress products are designed to dramatically enhance the comfort and quality of your sleep. The products are breathable, washable, slim fitting, ultra-lightweight, anti-allergenic, pressure relieving, offer posture support and are odourless unlike their memory foam counterparts.


‘Zonesleep’ products are made using breathable Tencel (which naturally absorbs and releases moisture) and ‘Spacer Fabric’, which ensures that there is constant airflow through enabling the natural evaporation of body moisture. This avoids temperature build-up commonly experienced with memory foam products.

Slim fitting

Many mattress toppers are so bulky that they can be difficult to manoeuvre. Zonesleep Mattress Toppers use of ‘Spacer Fabric’ material, quilt together 3 layers of support, softness and comfort all in the space of about an inch. The bottom layer of thick spacer-fabric is for posture support and durability, a thinner middle layer of spacer-fabric for soft comfort and a top Tencel® layer for breathability and it’s ability to dissipate moisture.


Zonesleep products are washable at 40 degrees centigrade. You can simply wash your item in the bath or shower (larger items will not fit in a domestic machine, although may fit in a large laundrette machine), and due to its breathable properties it should air dry in around 10 minutes.

Ultra Lightweight

50% lighter than memory foam, Zonesleep mattress toppers are easy to manoeuvre and come with corner straps to securely anchor them to your mattress. Our custom toppers are ideal for camping and caravanning.

Anti allergenic

With the combined anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic properties of Tencel and 3D ‘Spacer’ fabrics’, inert fibres provide nothing for dust mites to feed on, therefore offer a greater level of hygiene than natural bedding materials which biodegrade providing sustenance to bugs and bacteria.

Pressure relief

Zonesleep products offer pressure point relief ideal for sufferers of conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Posture support

Adequate posture support is another key factor in ensuring a good nights sleep. The unique trimorphic construction of the ‘Spacer Fabric’ microweave used in Zonesleep products provides the perfect combination of support, softness and comfort.


Foam materials are composed of millions of sealed bubbles which cushion your body. Each tiny bubble contains small amounts of the chemicals from the foams manufacture. As the foam ages, these air bubbles rupture releasing small amounts of the chemicals into the air. Zonesleep® products are not foam and therefore don’t emit these odours.


Most mattresses are made from many different elements; wood, metal (springs), cotton, wool and synthetics, these component parts are too expensive to separate out to recycle therefore mostly go to landfill. Zonesleep® Toppers are made from a single material which is easily shredded and recycled into other materials at the end of the products’ life (if that ever happens).

Our story

During a severe snow storm in Hertfordshire, Tim Stokes, managing director of textile company ‘1st Webbing’, found himself trapped in the office. With no alternative, Tim improvised a bed from the materials that the company supplied for use in manufacturing plane and luxury car seats, a few layers of ‘Spacer Fabric’ known for its soft cushioning effect. This lightweight 3D fabric is created through two layers of mesh being held apart by vertical yarns, a weave known as “double needle bar warp knitting”.

Having suffered many years of back pain, Tim couldn’t believe how comfortably he slept and subsequently had a topper made for his bed. Zonesleep and the Zonesleep Mattress Topper were born from that experience of Tim finding ‘A new way to sleep’, and since then many others have discovered the many benefits of this revolutionary new product.

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