Are you a Werewolf?



We’ve all seen the movies where humans turn into Werewolves during the full moon. Well it seems that whilst becoming a Werewolf is a little extreme, the full moon does influence our sleeping patterns.


A 2013 study produced scientific information suggesting that we all sleep for a shorter period and less soundly during a full moon than at other times of the month.

The study examined the patterns brainwaves of both male and female volunteers whilst they slept and discovered a consistent disruption of sleep at the peak of the lunar cycle.

The study set out to disprove any effect but was forced to concede that the moon reduced sleep time and quality.




The reason cannot be known for certain but the theories being examined are that it is due to the programming from deep in our ancestral past. Long before we had watches or the modern notion of time, the moon would have given a regular circadian rhythm to our primitive lives and probably became embedded in our brains. Similar effects are seen in other animals.

Also in the far distant generations we would have been more vulnerable to night hunting predators during the well-lit full moon nights and a survival instinct would have been developed to ensure we were not in a deep sleep at a time of potential risk.


Can we do anything about it?

Have you tried?

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