What is Spacer fabric?

  ‘3D’ Spacer fabric is a highly breathable, cushioned, multi-faceted fabric, used in the practical making of a wide variety of products.   How is it made? Understanding the creation and production process of Spacer fabric is paramount to understanding what Spacer fabric actually is. Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, Spacer uses two separate fabrics, joined … Read more

Nursing study links poor sleep to weight gain.

Is good sleep really important if you are trying to lose weight? The answer according to research is a resounding YES! It can be a vicious cycle. Poor sleep can lead to increased weight gain and weight gain can lead to even worse sleep. It is well know that some sleep problems like sleep apnoea … Read more

The Dozy Owl Reviews Zonesleep

Hello all! We’ve been a little quiet on our blog recently but we wanted to share this fantastic review of our mattress topper and pillow from The Dozy Owl. We recently sent one of our toppers out to award-winning sleep blog, The Dozy Owl, to give it a road test and we’re thrilled to hear … Read more

Are you a Werewolf?

  We’ve all seen the movies where humans turn into Werewolves during the full moon. Well it seems that whilst becoming a Werewolf is a little extreme, the full moon does influence our sleeping patterns.   A 2013 study produced scientific information suggesting that we all sleep for a shorter period and less soundly during … Read more


SLEEP LOSS CAN MAKE YOU ILL? (P.S. IT CAN ALSO MAKE YOU FAT) Researchers have been discovering more and more facts about the function of sleep in maintaining a healthy body. Recent discoveries include the practical physiological repairs that are carried out during sleep. These include re-balancing hormones and insulin levels critical for optimum daytime … Read more

How Long Should You Sleep?

A Panel of 18 medical scientists and researchers in conjunction with The National Sleep Foundation reviewed over 300 sleep studies to establish the correct amount of time a person should sleep and have split them into age groups. The new recommendations should encourage people try and sleep for an extra hour or maybe two. The … Read more

Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement Following from our last article on Feng Shui bed guidelines, we now take a look at Feng Shui bed placement. Furniture positioning is one of the most important elements in Feng Shui. To place our bed appropriately we must first find the ‘commanding position.’ The commanding position is the area of the room … Read more

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