Dreams and their Hidden Meanings

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Dreams and their hidden meanings

Dreams and their hidden meanings are subject to much controversy. Does our subconscious mind relate in any way to our waking mind, and is there anything we can learn from our subconscious?

Today we’re looking at ‘The Storytelling Method (TSM)’ courtesy of a presentation written by Teresa DeCicco and David King which was used as part of a workshop held at the 24th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Sonoma, CA.

The main principles behind the storytelling method are the dream description and the associations made by the dreamer to their behaviour in real life. But how do we go about analysing this information?

First we need to right down the events of our dream in short sentences:

Example (a dream I had when I was younger):
– I  pull up on my drive after a long journey with my family
– I get out of the rear door and my attention is drawn towards the tree next to the drive
– The tree glows green and a chained faceless monster emerges from within it
– I stand paralysed and can’t look away

We then need to apply meaning to the most prominent words:
Long journey and family could mean my life and others
Tree could be interpreted as the world
Chained faceless monster could mean unknown
Paralysed could mean fear

What can these words then be interpreted as?:
Throughout my life others can’t teach me everything about the world and because of this I have a fear of the unknown

It’s important to stress that it is all about the perception of the dreamer and how it relates to their circumstances alone. I don’t think in my case my subconscious was wanting to tell me anything about my conscious state. I think it may have just been the after effects of riding the scary ride ‘Hex’ at Alton Towers, but the methodology still stands.

Next time you have a dream. Follow the same steps and you may learn something about yourself. Feel free to comment below about your dreams and what you think they might mean and we’ll do likewise.

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