Interesting Dream Facts

Here’s some great facts about dreams your probably didn’t know…

1. Forgetting:
– You forget 90% of your dreams. Within 5 minutes of being awake you’ve already lost half the memory of your dream. Within 10 minutes 90% of it is gone.

2. Blind Dreaming:
– Blind people also dream even if blind from birth. A blind person may have a vivd dream that involves every other sense except sight.

3. Everybody Dreams:
– Everyone dreams except in cases of extreme psychological disorders. If you’re of the opinion that you don’t dream then you just don’t remember them.

4. Faces:
– We only see faces of people we’ve seen before when we dream. That’s not to say they have to be people we know. Imagine how many faces you see in a lifetime…

5. Black and White:
– Some people dream exclusively in black and white.

6. Symbolism:
– Dreams are deeply symbolic. Your mind works in mysterious ways and more often than not, if you see something in your dreams, it will mean something else.

7. An emotional experience:
– The most common emotion in dreams is anxiety. Unfortunately negative emotions take prominence over positive ones.

8. Recurring dreams:
– As many as 70% of us will have recurring dreams in our lifetime. Let’s just hope they’re good ones eh?

9. Body Paralysis:
– During REM sleep, our body is paralysed by a mechanism in our brains that stops our mind from triggering our body moving.

10. Gender wars:
– Men dream mostly about other men believe it or not, whereas, women generally have an equal weighting of men to women. The only other difference is men may experience more emotional dreams…

Have you tried?

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