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The topper is manufactured in three ‘Zones’:
Tencel® breathable fabric cover
10mm soft ‘Spacer-Fabric’
10mm firm ‘Spacer-Fabric’

Warp knitted polyester with multiple strands of fabric that are cross knitted between two fabric layers. Available in varying densities.

Actually, No. Dust mites and bed bugs love natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and feathers because they are ‘biodegradable’. This means that they rot over time, giving all the bacteria and bugs that feed on this ‘biodegradable’ material something to feed on inside your bedding. They get no sustenance from synthetic materials.

No again. Most mattresses are made from many different elements. Wood, metal (springs), cotton, wool and synthetics. Although all of the above are recyclable separately, it is too expensive to separate a mattress into it’s component parts to recycle. This means that the majority of mattresses in the U.K go to landfill. Zonesleep® Toppers are made from a single material, a material which is easily shredded at the end of their life (if that ever happens) and recycled into other materials.

Most memory foam is made from polyurethane foam which responds to the heat of your body and slowly conforms to your shape. Zonesleep® cross knitted fibres absorb your body weight and distribute it without ever crushing flat. This allows air to circulate around your body as you move in your sleep.

Foam materials are composed of millions of sealed bubbles which cushion your body. When they are formed by a chemical reaction during manufacture, each tiny bubble contains small amounts of the chemicals which first made the foam. As the foam ages, these air bubbles rupture releasing small amounts of the chemicals into the air. Zonesleep® products are not foam and therefore do not expel these odours.

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