Feng Shui Bed Guidelines

Feng Shui Bed

Our previous article gave an overview of some good Feng Shui guidelines for the bedroom. This article will look more specifically at Feng Shui bed guidelines.

The bed could be argued to be the most important Feng Shui item in your life. Not only is it a very personal space, it is also closely tied to your energy levels, being used to replenish and restore.

So what makes for a good Feng Shui bed?

Your Headboard – It needs to be strong and sturdy to maximise support and protection whilst you sleep. Solid wood and upholstered headboards are often best, maximising energy levels overnight.

Your Mattress – It can never be second hand. You don’t want to be gathering up the energy that’s accumulated from a previous owner. Make sure it offers good support as posture is important. If your mattress is looking a bit worse for wear, maybe try investing in a mattress topper.

Height – The bed must be raised off the ground to allow energy to flow around and underneath you while you sleep. It’s not great to have a bed with lots of storage compartments underneath as it can disrupt this flow of energy.

3 simple steps and your part way to the perfect Feng Shui Bedroom setup.

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