Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Menopause

One of the most common issues women face during menopause is night sweats. Hot flushes and poor sleep are not uncommon in women experiencing menopause. This is largely due to fluctuation in body temperature during the body’s hormonal re-alignment at this time.

It’s can be very uncomfortable especially at night when the body is working its hardest to repair. The last thing you need is another restless night and disrupted sleep.

Solutions can be found with the Zonesleep mattress toppers. The lightweight breathable fabric technology allows air to escape more naturally and helps keep you cool throughout your sleep cycle. It is impossible to prevent night sweats from occurring but you can manage the symptoms effectively with the right tools. Choose light bedding, sheets that are loose and easy to wash and dry. 100% cotton sheets will be more breathable than synthetic ones and also feel better too. This will in turn help manage night sweats and the ability to have a better night’s sleep.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet can also help reduce symptoms of menopause, consult your GP practitioner beforehand. Menopausal symptoms of hormonal imbalances can often be exaggerated through bad diet and lead to heightened night sweats at the end of the day. Studies have found that over consumptions of certain food groups can lead to higher levels of hormonal imbalance. Dieticians recommend a balanced whole foods diet that is rich in grains, pulses and high protein in order to prevent damage to the body during this transitional time. Optimising the body’s natural defences against hormonal fluctuation and making it easier to manage symptoms in your everyday life.

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