Lower back pain

Did you know back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with lower back pain alone accounting for 11% of the total disability of the UK population.’ – NHS website

Given the complexity of the lower back and how much we depend on it, it comes as no surprise that it is a leading hotspot for pain. Eight out of 10 people have back pain at some point during their life, and lower back pain is one of the top reasons why people see a doctor.

How can you cure back pain? Is there an easier way to be able to live with a back pain condition? There isn’t any one cure for back pain nor is there a quick remedy. It starts with managing your symptoms and allowing your body to respond to alternative methods of treatment. Most people tend to go through various trial and error to see what works for them in terms of helping with back pain relief. Relief options to alleviate back pain can be found in holistic and non-holistic form. The right blend that works for you may be something you can discuss with your local GP.

Understanding the links between sleep and lower back pain offers new approaches to finding relief. Because it is a principal means of supporting the body during sleep, a mattress can play an important role in preventing or reducing lower back pain.

Correct spinal alignment demands a mattress that is in good condition and doesn’t sag excessively. Our unique toppers can even improve the most unsupportive mattresses. Research supports using a medium-firm mattress to combat lower back pain.

Back pain can put extreme pressure on other joints and aspects of the body as one overcompensates the pressure felt in the lower back region and pushes it out to other body parts to feel less impact. Having a back pain condition can be inconvenient in your daily life practice but with the correct blend of exercises and getting quality sleep is an important part of recovering from lower back pain, but sleeping well may seem like a tall task when your back hurts.

While there’s no guaranteed way to get better sleep, the correct supportive mattress topper will go a long way to helping.

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