Sleeping with arthritis

Did you know over 10 million people suffer from an Arthritis condition in the UK alone? Arthritis relates to inflammation of the joints and can affect any gender and any age group. Many people fail to find solutions for their arthritis pain relief as many solutions make promises that simply don’t deliver.

Good solutions for comfort and relief from the symptoms can be few and far between. Laying down to sleep in certain positions can also feel like a tremendous effort. The discomfort from a restless night due to arthritic pain can be debilitating to your daily life. It is common to underestimate the extent to which arthritis pain can impact your everyday functionality. Often people carry on and live in pain, unknowing of the simple changes they can make to enhance their daily life living with arthritic pain. Suitable solutions to finding ways to live with the condition is often the best way forward to enhance quality of life and make everyday tasks manageable.

Zonesleep’s range of products provide pressure point relief ideal for sufferers of conditions such as arthritis. Pain relief can be achieved with selecting the correct products for best comfort. Restful sleep can be hard to achieve when your pressure points are under severe stress. Sourcing the right mattress might be the answer that you have been looking for.

All Zonesleep mattress toppers have been proven to provide relief on joints that require additional support whilst sleeping. Spacer Fabric is now approved by the German Medical Association and can be prescribed by doctors. At Zonesleep we have invested in our research and manufactured a product that will be able to assist with arthritis pain relief. The technology of the product relies on adequate testing.

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