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How to keep your New Year resolutions

The New Year is often a time when people choose to make changes in their lives to help start afresh. However, many struggle to keep to their new commitments - so, how do we avoid making mistakes this year?

Most people struggle to keep to New Year’s resolutions because they lack motivation and an internal desire to change.

At other times, people create goals that aren’t measurable. They want to be ‘happier’ or ‘healthier’ but those vague statements aren’t helpful. You won’t know if you’re making progress and it doesn’t tell you what action steps to take. 

Ready to stop starting over and keep your resolutions for 2022? Here are our top 5 tips to keep you on track.

1. Establish a measurable goal

Nothing vague like “I want to be healthier”. Make it a target that you can measure, like going to the gym 3x a week.

2. Identify clear action steps

Create a plan that includes immediate objectives that will create change. like, no takeaways until you have paid your credit card off.

3. Set yourself up for success

It’s easy to feel motivated early on into the process but after a week or two, your motivation will start to naturally wane. Be prepared for that dip in motivation, you should set yourself up for success well in advance.

4. Plan for obstacles

Think about the obstacles you’re likely to encounter in the first weeks after establishing your resolution. Consider how you’ll navigate these challenges, and develop a plan.

5. Start when you are ready

Start working on your goal when you’re ready. However, that’s not to say you need to wait until you feel fully confident before starting as that may never happen.

Instead, make sure you’re committed to the goal, and you’ve thought through what you’ll need to do and how you’re going to do it.

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