How to Lucid Dream

How to Lucid Dream

How to Lucid Dream

How to lucid dream is question that not many are familiar with, especially when we are to ask ourselves, what is lucid dreaming? For those of you who have heard the term you’ll know it’s to do with being able to control our dreams. What some of you may not know is that the ability to lucid dream only occurs during the REM sleep stage when your mind is most active at the end of each 90 minute sleep cycle.

Sleeping and dreaming is a very personal experience so what may apply to one individual may differ in another. Some of you may have regular and vivid dreams. Others (like myself) may hardly ever recall having had a dream at all. Regardless, here’s some steps you can take to being able to recognise when you are dreaming, and then potentially control the direction of your dream in this lucid state. So, where do we start?

Keep a Dream Record:
As soon as you wake up try and remember what you dreamt about. It’s important here that you focus on as much detail as you can and try to create a vivid picture in your mind. It will be difficult at first, but, as you apply consistant effort every morning no doubt you’ll find it easier to recall certain elements as you progress.

2-3 Weeks then Analyse the data:
Continue to make a record for 2 or 3 weeks and then try to recognise reoccurring events.  These dream triggers can be anything from people, to objects, places or certain actions you may make.

Reality Check:
Now hopefully you should have a list of dream triggers from your dream record that you may now be able to recognise when you’re dreaming. It’s a bit of a bizarre concept yes, but, if you do encounter one while you’re dreaming the next step is to do reality check to make sure you’re in a position where you have the potential to lucid dream. Try some of the following:

– Check your watch and then check it again. If the times differ greatly you’re dreaming
– See whether you can fly
– Look in a mirror, is your appearance distorted?
– See whether you can switch lights off and on with your mind

Enjoy dreaming:
In short, it is our ability to recognise triggers in our dreams that enable us to direct our semi-conscious mind into doing what we like. I’ll say again, this is a very personal experience and if you find you can do it, fantastic! We spend a lot of time sleeping, so why not have fun in our dreams?

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