Zonesleep Caravan Topper

£229.99£249.99 inc VAT

The Zonesleep® ‘3-D’ Spacer-Fabric Mattress Topper, specifically designed for caravans, uses an innovative new design that combines ‘zoning’ and quality fabrics. The ‘zoned’ construction of the topper comprises of 3 layers; a layer of thick spacer-fabric for posture support and durability, a thinner middle layer of spacer-fabric for soft comfort, and a top Tencel® layer for breathability and it’s ability to dissipate moisture. Zonesleep Mattress Toppers are breathable, ultra lightweight, slim fitting, anti-allergenic and washable.

Our Reversible Topper is suitable for both offside and nearside mattresses with an over all measurement of 1370mm x 1930mm and our Island Topper has an overall measurement of 1370mm x 1870mm.

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