Zonesleep Mattress Topper

£85.00£259.99 inc VAT

Our Spacer Fabric Mattress Toppers are engineered to deliver an instant boost to any mattress, anywhere. With the cooling comfort of our 3D textile structure and pressure redistribution.

The ‘3-D’ Mattress Topper uses an innovative new design that combines ‘zoning’ and quality fabrics.

The ‘zoned’ construction of the topper comprises of 3 layers; a layer of thick spacer-fabric for posture support and durability, a thinner middle layer of spacer-fabric for soft comfort, and a top TencelĀ® layer for breathability and its ability to dissipate moisture.

Zonesleep Mattress Toppers are breathable, ultra-lightweight, slim-fitting, anti-allergenic and washable.

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