How to know if you’re sleep deprived…

Sleep deprivation isn’t’ always obvious. Here are a few clues to spot if you may be sleep deprived or try a simple at-home test… If you can only wake up on time using an alarm clock, not naturally waking at a usual time. Similarly, if you’re constantly fighting with the snooze button this may also … Read more

The Morning Makeover

We see a lot of stuff about improving sleep and how you can achieve a perfectly crafted morning routine, but is it sustainable? Give your mornings some structure and it will help you start the day off on the right foot. If your mornings feel chaotic and rushed, I’ve got some important takeaways so that … Read more

Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement Following from our last article on Feng Shui bed guidelines, we now take a look at Feng Shui bed placement. Furniture positioning is one of the most important elements in Feng Shui. To place our bed appropriately we must first find the ‘commanding position.’ The commanding position is the area of the room … Read more

Dreams and their Hidden Meanings

Dreams and their hidden meanings Dreams and their hidden meanings are subject to much controversy. Does our subconscious mind relate in any way to our waking mind, and is there anything we can learn from our subconscious? Today we’re looking at ‘The Storytelling Method (TSM)’ courtesy of a presentation written by Teresa DeCicco and David King which was used … Read more

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