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Let’s talk about snoring and the impact it can have on your relationship

Does your partner snore so much that even the dog leaves the room? Another sleepless night for you? Or more like another week!  If your partner snores, there is no question you are dealing with night after night of disrupted sleep. This can cause irritability, frustration, and resentment.

If you snore, your sleep may also be disrupted by your own poor breathing or by pokes, prods, and kicks from your partner. You likely feel the effects of sleep deprivation, too, and you may also feel misunderstood, ashamed or defensive.

The good news is that snoring doesn’t have to control the quality of your sleep or of your relationship. In fact, a thoughtful and loving conversation about it can help improve both. 


Relationship first.

We often think of snoring as just a sleep problem, but the fact of the matter is it can impact nearly every aspect of a relationship, from communication to intimacy. So be honest about how your loved one’s snoring makes you feel and the impact you think it’s having on you and your relationship. Prepare for them to get a little defensive, but assure them that there are solutions that do not require separate rooms.

Own your part.

Do you nudge, shove or kick your partner in an effort to quiet their snoring? Do you storm out of the room? Maybe you shout at them in the middle of the night or even the next day, or you quietly seethe while plotting your revenge. You may think these behaviors are justified, but they’re quite unproductive and are negatively affecting your relationship just as much as your loved one’s snoring. Acknowledge this, own it, and apologise if necessary. 

Show compassion.

If your partner knows they snore, they may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Approaching the conversation with compassion and understanding rather than anger and blame will help you to have a more productive conversation. Remember, your partner doesn’t snore because they want to irritate you; they snore either due to the anatomy of their mouth and nose or their lifestyle choices, some of which they may not even realise are contributing factors to their snoring.

Highlight health.

Snoring can be a health issue for you and your snoring partner. By having a conversation about snoring, you could literally save their life. The lack of sleep you’re experiencing can lead to daytime drowsiness or fatigue, poor food choices, and depression. There are numerous problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and a low sex drive, for example. For your partner, long-term snoring can result in an irregular heartbeat, stroke, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and decreased sexual satisfaction among many other conditions. Sleep apnea, a severe form of sleep disordered breathing (snoring is a mild form of this) in which the person experiences repeated pauses in breathing, can even result in death and requires early medical intervention.

Find a solution.

There are many anti-snoring solutions and devices that can help minimise the degree of snoring for the majority of snorers. Taking the time to research these options and suggest a few to try will demonstrate that you’re not trying to start a fight but rather help your loved one resolve their snoring.

Have found the holy grail to help reduce the snore symptoms? 

Have you tried?

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