The Power of Sleep

We all know that feeling of not getting enough sleep, not being able function at work, lacking concentration, even the basic tasks seem to be a challenge and not forgetting the irritability lack of sleep causes, well it does in me anyway.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spring out of bed feeling bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on anything the day might throw at you every single day?

I know it’s not always possible to wake up refreshed, sometimes sleep just evades us for one reason or a 100. However, I truly believe that you attract and get back what you put out in life so with that positive attitude lets look at the positive effects sleep can have;

  • Improve your attention and concentration
  • Sleep Can Boost Your Immune System
  • Gaining some good Zzz’s Can Help Prevent Weight Gain
  • Sleep Can Strengthen Your Heart
  • Better Sleep = Better Mood
  • Sleeping Can Increase Productivity
  • Sleep Can Increase Exercise Performance
  • Sleep Improves Memory

Just like regular exercise and a healthy diet, getting enough good sleep is an essential part of looking after your health. Let’s all make sleep our priority.

Have you tried?

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