What is Spacer fabric?


‘3D’ Spacer fabric is a highly breathable, cushioned, multi-faceted fabric, used in the practical making of a wide variety of products.


How is it made?

Understanding the creation and production process of Spacer fabric is paramount to understanding what Spacer fabric actually is. Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, Spacer uses two separate fabrics, joined by microfilament yarn, to create a breathable, 3D “microclimate” between layers. 


Why use it for mattress toppers?

Spacer fabric’s soft and cushiony nature reduces force, making it ideal for surfaces of pro-longed rest. Because it is lighter and breathes better than traditional mattresses and mattress toppers, many European countries have replaced spring and foam with Spacer fabric.

As heat leaves the body, it moves through this highly permeable layer. Then, the cool air provided by this naturally ventilating fabric pushes out the heat, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.


Where else is it used?

Spacer fabric is everywhere! Found in tennis shoes, backpacks, car seat cushions, bras, this fabric’s naturally ventilating properties make it perfect for everyday use. 

Have you tried?

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